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Sculptural Metal Frieze of the Arts

This sculptural metal frieze measures 85' long x 6' high and was created specifically to embrace and transform the UDC Theater of the Arts building. The abstracted design elements complement those found in the quartz stone carpet located in the front lobby and the exterior sculptural graphic wall which leads up to the main entrance. All three pieces feature imagery of the performing arts; music, theater and dance. 4200 Connecticut Avenue NW | Washington, DC 20008

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Wall of the Arts

This sculptural graphic wall replaces an old wooden fence, and transforms the landscape in front of the UDC Theater of the Arts into a friendly, inviting, playful and cheerful space for the community to enjoy. | Scale: 100' w x 8'-12' h

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'Energy of The Arts' Quartz Stone Carpet

This stone carpet was designed exclusively for the Theater of the Arts at the University of the District of Columbia. It serves as an elegant and distinctive work of art that welcomes patrons into the front entrance of the lobby. Inspired by various elements of the arts (including music, dance, theater), this signature piece was created by utilizing over 3,000 pounds of engineered quartz stone, precisely cut into 250 interconnected pieces and installed with tlc. | Scale: 15' w x 12' h

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Firebird Ceramic Tile Mosaic Staircase

Transforming spaces, one step at a time! The Firebird mascot and the flames/wings of the UDC logo served as inspiration for this empowering staircase design located at the front entrance of the University. Designed specifically to inspire a feeling of upward movement for students as they ascend the stairs toward their goals in higher education, this project was fabricated by a collaborative team of talented regional mosaic artists as well as UDC art students from Professor Noriega's ceramics class. | Scale: 5.5' w x 21' h

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Porcelain Ceramic Tile Welcome Carpet

This welcoming ceramic tile carpet is the first point of contact to the University of the District of Columbia. It incorporates design elements from the flames/wings of the UDC logo, and serves as a mark of distinction for students, faculty, administrators and visitors. | Scale: 15' w x 10' h

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'Tree of Life' Memorial Mural

The 'Tree of Life' was created to honor the beloved children of the HSC Pediatric Center in Washington, DC. The handmade tile leaves on the Tree of Life are embedded with the names of children whose lives are remembered. The row of rainbow children in front of the tree are holding their hands out for others who have gone before them, and to those who will need a guiding hand in times to come. The butterflies, flowers, leaves, and the cat, bird, baby and sun are all handmade ceramic tiles. The grass, tree and sky are made from broken commercial tiles. The mirrored pieces that twinkle throughout the mural allow viewers to reflect upon themselves, as they become an integral part of the mural, timeless memories, and the landscape of the beautiful and reverent butterfly garden. | Scale: 9' w x 7' h

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